One of the major components of Equine Career Network is our blog. We share insights into the various careers you can have with horse related companies, interviews with entrepreneurs, and general advice for students and professionals in the equine industry.

Interview with Jean Abernethy: Fergus the Horse

It’s safe to say that this has been one of my favorite parts of the project. I’ve had the chance to talk to the most interesting people. People who have started businesses, built apps, created niches in their fields and made impacts at the companies we know and love.

I spend a lot of time researching. I look for entrepreneurs who have seen a gap in the market, and created a product that they feel the world needs. I look for professionals who have had interesting career progressions and who seem to be thriving and helping their companies grow. These people are busy, successful professionals and entrepreneurs, so to interview them, I need to determine what value I can add.

Amanda Johnson: Market Manager @ PBR, Inc.
Amanda Johnson: Market Manager @ PBR, Inc.

My main goal is to be sure I’m not wasting their time. I research them and I develop my questions to be thoughtful inquiries into their work. Form emails are cold, and who wants to receive a cold email? It’s important to do your homework. So far, every interview I’ve conducted through Equine Career Network has been with those I admire, and I’ve learned from them all. Once you overcome the initial fear of reaching out to someone you’ve never met, you never know what you may learn.