25768_1338999070965_4295488_nKaitlyn Zaleski and I have known each other for over 15 years, and we met through our love for horses. In April she approached me with an idea for a website that would connect college graduates and soon-to-be college graduates with jobs in the horse world.  As someone who started working at a horse related company straight out of school, she knew the possibilities that existed. Despite that, she felt that not everybody knew what was out there. Because of that, a lot of people get stuck in the idea that they have to go “get a real job” and leave horses behind.

Why not do both?

When Kaitlyn invited me to be a part of the project I was immediately excited. I have a background in marketing and have developed websites on the side for years. Kaitlyn has been working in the horse industry in both marketing and sales roles. Between the two of us we figured we could create a really valuable resource for the community.

We started with a few fundamental ideas. We didn’t want this to be a job board that replaced a site like Yard & Groom.

  • We want to focused completely on corporate careers rather than rider/trainer/barn manager positions.
  • We want to be a resource for students and young professionals, so we would focus on entry level jobs.
  • We want students to know what is out there, so we will regularly interview employees doing these jobs and entrepreneurs who have created horse related companies from their ideas.

With these few guidelines we have built a website that we hope Equine Career Network will become a major resource for students, and anyone interested in joining the horse industry. We’ve come a long way since the days of riding backwards on ponies, but deep down our love for horses is still as strong as ever.