• “Kelsey Sullivan is the hardest working person I know. She is able to get the job done and excel at it. Kelsey will do amazing in whatever project she takes on and I can not wait to see the things she has in store for her.” – Ashley Deese

  • “Kelsey was an invaluable member of our team– she spoke fluent Spanish, built relationships wherever she went, she is a born leader, and a great writer. Highly competent, Kelsey was a vital and tireless contributor to every aspect of the project–from interviewing, writing, photography, video editing, marketing, interactive and web coding. As if that weren’t enough, she also has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with.” – Ruth Eckles

  • “Kelsey is a passionate and inspired individual, seeking out new features, new concepts and new tools in her work. She understands the importance of patience and dedication in producing quality projects, and it shows. Kelsey is also a great team member, she is the first to volunteer help when a classmate is struggling, fostering a support system and a sense of community among classmates.” – Iris Maslow

I may not single handedly change the world, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to try.

62669_4901756341556_1141046663_nI believe that the most extraordinary things can be incredibly simple.  I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the best images will leave you with none.  I believe in stories. In imagination.  I believe that before making a decision, you should ask yourself what you would do if you weren’t afraid.  Most importantly, I believe in execution – if I say I will do it, it will get done.

I’ve always been passionate, my passions have simply shifted and developed over the years.  If horses were my first love, then photography was my second.  Sometimes I can’t remember which came first.  I was lucky enough to start seeing the world at an early age, and have taken advantage of every opportunity to travel, but Honduras will always have my heart.

There are days when I immerse myself in a project and don’t notice as the day slips into night.  Passion is the driving force behind everything I do.  For me, Interactive Media is the toolbox for solving every problem I want to take on.  I am excited to start a career in marketing with a young, fast-paced start up where I will be able involved in all aspects of marketing strategy and execution.



Relevant Experience

Backyard Produce – Raleigh, North Carolina – May 2013-Present
Business and Marketing Strategist
• Manage brand’s social media strategy and implementation across several platforms
• Create and manage various data sets to make strategic recommendations for operations and marketing
• Develop strategies for improving efficiency in all aspects of operation
• Research and write procedures, plans and internal documents
• Work with farmers to create videos and profiles about the various farms that supply product
VisionPoint Marketing – Raleigh, North Carolina  –  Feb-May 2013
Project Management Intern
• Developed project timelines that organized the schedules of all team members on the project
• Wrote social media posts for company and clients
• Performed QA for client websites that ensured the websites were properly working
Equine Nonprofit Network - North Carolina   –   Sep 2012-Present
Creator, Content Producer
• Create a network and aggregate resources for NC’s community of 97 equine nonprofits
• Connect with and interview each organization to identify individual needs to better connect them with the resources they need
• Create and design all web content including copy, videos, photos and interactive maps
Interactive Project for the Public Good  – Térraba, Costa Rica   –    Jan 2013
Writer, Lead Marketer
• Worked in a team of seven to create a bilingual website for an indigenous community
• Co-produced a documentary that was a finalist in the UN Forum on Forests International Short Film Festival
• Conducted, edited and translated interviews, wrote interview questions and all website copy in English and Spanish, and helped to code the Spanish portion of the website
• Monitored Google Analytics to track the success of promotion: 3,290 unique viewers and 12,236 page views from 68 countries during the first two weeks after the site’s launch
Kelsey Sullivan Photography – New Jersey & North Carolina   –   2008-2012
Owner, Photographer
• Specialized in equine and pet portrait photography
• Served a large client base and photographed various hunter/jumper horse show circuits each year
• Executed a social media marketing plan that increased business by 30% in one year
• Managed all budget and financial decisions for the business
Fundación ProNiño - El Progreso, Honduras    –    Oct 2011-Dec 2011
Digital Media and Photography Volunteer
• Designed and implemented a project to teach photography to former street kids
• Organized and produced a gallery benefit exhibition for the foundation, while fundraising and securing long term in-kind donations from influential members of Honduran society and the press
• Created and managed a blog which was updated with photos, videos and stories and had 681 unique viewers from 32 countries during the two month project

Elon University iMedia Program - 2013
• Master of Arts in Interactive Media
Elon University - 2012
• Bachelor of Arts in Human Service Studies
• Minor: Spanish
Study Abroad
• Human Services Internship – El Progreso, Honduras Fall 2011
• Universidad de Sevilla, Spain – Fall 2010
• Photography and Anthropology in London – January 2010
• Social Entrepreneurship in Honduras – January 2009
Other Work

iMedia Exhibition - Project Manager – Spring 2012

iMedia 365Project Manager - Oct 2012-May 2013

Elon Club LacrosseProject Manager – Fall 2012

Freelance Horse Trainer/Riding Instructor – 2007-2013
• Taught riding lessons to beginner-intermediate riders
• Bought, trained and sold hunter/jumper/event prospects
• Managed the care of 6-10 horses

Alamance Partnership for Children
Assistant – Burlington, NC
• Completed office tasks and administrative work organized filing systems and entered data
• Communicated with hundreds of clients, in English and Spanish, to organize appointments and ensure each client had access to services

Honors and Awards
Finalist – UN International Short Film Festival – United Nations Forum on Forests
March 2013
The short documentary co-produced with Ashley Deese using footage from the www.terraba.org project was named a finalist in the United Nations Forum on Forests International Short Film Festival. The film was named top 20 out of entries submitted from 38 countries.
I Write Campaign – Elon University
February 2013
Nominated by iMedia faculty as a strong writer to participate in Elon’s “I Write” campaign for Elon’s Writing Excellence Initiative–a five-year plan designed to significantly enhance the writing abilities of all Elon students, undergraduate and graduate, in every major and program.
Bruns Endowment for International Service Learning – Elon University
Summer, Fall 2011
Awarded the grant twice by Elon’s International Center in order to implement a photography course for former street kids in El Progreso, Honduras. The Carole and Douglas Bruns Endowment for International Service Learning funds scholarships to enable Elon students to spend a semester or summer abroad while participating in an internship and/or working with a non-governmental or non-religious organization.
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Recent Work

Equine Nonprofit Network NC

The goal of this project is to create an interactive website for all horse related nonprofit organizations in North Carolina.  It will facilitate communication and collaboration among the 100+ horse related nonprofit organizations, and their audiences.

images PointRoll-Facebook 

Shackleford stallion watches his mare, Kelsey SullivanThere is a lack of a cohesive community around horse-related nonprofits and with that comes a lack of communication.  Although it seems counter intuitive, horse people are the least likely to support horse related nonprofits.  While each nonprofit competes for resources and stakeholders, they can benefit from inter-organizational communication about best practices and methodology.  Rescues may be able to place horses with therapeutic riding centers, and therapeutic riding centers may be interested in collaborating on more specific services in local areas.  This website will allow these professionals to better understand the community around them and the resources available to them.

This project focuses on aggregating resources and community information to create a project that will be utilized by the entire target community. 

The project will incorporate many aspects of interactive media including photos, videos, and interactive maps.  Using WordPress’s capabilities, the website will allow users to log in and create their own postings to certain categories. They will be able to post events, wanted ads, available horses, and volunteer opportunities.

The final product delivered will be a website, which subsequently will be handed off to the North Carolina Horse Council for maintenance.

 Kelsey, I truly enjoyed our chat.  It is seldom I am able to speak to someone who grasps the concept as well as you do. You have undertaken a big challenge that will result in better communication in the ranks of us trying to help horses.  You are to be commended! -Karen Owens, Founder – STAR Ranch


I enjoy producing a variety of visual projects that tell stories rather than simply stating facts.  Recently I have experimented with time-lapse photography,  storytelling through video, websites that connect communities and flash projects that visualize problems.


Its hard to tell when my love of photography began because for as long as I can remember I’ve had a camera in my hand.  Horses were the first subject I fell in love with capturing, and since then I’ve expanded while maintaining that passion.  In 2008 my mentor encouraged me to start my own business, Kelsey Sullivan Photography, and he supported me through the process of legally becoming a business.  Since then my work has developed, my eye has improved, and I have a huge appreciation for the business side of the art.

While my business has remained part time, the passion for the art has taken me around the world.  In 2011 I won a grant (Bruns Endowment for International Service Learning) to implement a photography course for ex-street kids in Honduras.  I spent three months teaching and working in Fundación ProNiño that year, and I intend to continue supporting the foundation.

Below are a few of my favorite images.  To see more visit my Facebook page or gallery.

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